Not all alarm monitoring is created equal.

At Beeyond Security, we’re serious about changing the way home security work. That’s why we partnered with Stanley Security, a professional monitoring service with seriously high standards.

Their response experts have training certifications that go above and beyond what’s required. So they know what to do if someone tries to break in. They’ll even call the police on your behalf if an alarm is verified or you can’t
be reached.




It’s more than just Burglary Monitoring




Carbon Monoxide

Emergency / Medical


Extreme Temperature

Even if things go wrong, we’ve still got your back

You’re getting more than just monitoring, with no extra charge

Cellular Backup

Our monitoring works over Cellular Network. Your home is always protected even if you loose Wi-Fi, Internet or power.

Battery Switchover

If the power to goes out, Beeyond Smart Hub keeps working for up to 12 hours, thanks to built-in battery backup.

Smash Protection

Even if a burglar destroys your Beeyond Smart Hub, our monitoring station gets a signal.

When there’s an alarm, will you be ready?

You might be away from home or stuck without your phone. When there’s an alarm, time is too precious to waste. Whenever you need us, our highly trained alarm response team will know what to do.

Here’s what happens during an alarm

The Beeyond Smart Hub alerts us and notifies you via the Beeyond app and text message.

We work quickly to determine the nature of the alarm and contact you immediately.

If necessary, we’ll contact help immediately by dispatching the police station or fire department.

We’ll stay involved until the alarm is resolved.

Alarm Verification

The alarm Verification combines the power of traditional security with the latest digital technology which may increase the likelihood of:

  • Improved Police Response Time
  • Reduce False Alarms
  • Increase Apprehensions
  • Reduce False Alarm Fees

How to verify an Alarm?

When an alarm is activated, the monitoring center will review and contact you immediately for a situation update.

You can use the Beeyond app to view panel images, sensor activities or live and recorded video of the incident to confirm and verify the alarm and the need of the police dispatch.

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