Smart Thermostat

A smart wireless thermostat that blends comfort and savings

Control your thermostat from anywhere and manage your temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity. Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away or paused if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.


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Mobile Access
Access your smart thermostat from anywhere with the Beeyond Security App.

Save Energy
Reduce your energy bill and still enjoy a warm or cool home when you arrive.

Custom Notification
Get mobile notifications when the Smart Thermostat self-adjusts.

Control Thermostat with Beeyond App

Wireless Thermostat controls let you start the air conditioning on your way home, or keep your home office toasty during a blizzard – all from the same app that controls your security system, door locks, cameras and garage door.

Sensor Assistant

The Smart Thermostat collects data from your Security System and adjusts automatically when doors/windows are open or when you are away to save energy for you.

Meet the Temperature Sensor

Most homes aren’t the same temperature in every room. By adding additional Temperature Sensors, you can let your Smart Thermostat know which room should be a certain temperature at a certain time of day.Just put it in a room and get the right temperature for that area. (Sold separately)

Voice Control

Amazon Echo and Google Homework hand-in-hand with the Beeyond Smart Security System, letting you adjust temperature settings with only your voice. Turn on the heater without interrupting your kid’s bedtime story, or cool down the kitchen during dinner prep- not to mention everything else Google Home and Amazon Echo can do with simple voice commands.

Custom Alerts

Set the custom notifications to know the second your home’s temperature changes. Receive a mobile alert if the housesitter cranks up the heater while you’re away for the holidays or a reminder that the air conditioner was turned on in time for your mid-summer family reunion.

Smart Climate Assistant Features


The Smart Thermostat uses the resident’s location to automatically control the AC: it cools down when someone heads home and turns the AC off when the last person leaves so that no energy is wasted.

Smart Schedule

The Smart Schedule can learn about your home and habits and create a personalized schedule to save energy.

Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away, or pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.

Weather Adaptation

The Smart Thermostat adapts the way it cools using the weather forecast, so it’s always the right temperature at home.

Save 40% on energy costs

Smart Thermostats save up to 40% on your energy bill and pays for itself within the first year.



115mm h x 115mm w x 24mm d

10.1 oz

On-Screen Control

Battery powered(4AA) or 24VAC wired power from HVAC system

Temperature, Humidity, Proximity, Ambient light

Limited warranty

Works with common heating & cooling systems, including conventional forced air, radiant and heat pump. Up to 2 stages of cooling support a wide range of fuels including natural gas, propane, electric, fuel oil and geothermal. Built-in fan timer.

Connectivity Requirements

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