Sensor Failure or Malfunction?

Jan 16, 2020
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About every hour, your alarm system’s control panel will send a signal to all of your sensors to make sure they are all functioning and reporting properly.

If the control panel does not hear back from a particular sensor, it will announce a “Failure” when you check the status on the control panel. It will show up as a malfunction on your Brinks Home Security Interactive interface.

Common reasons that a sensor will go into “Failure” or “Malfunction” are:

  • The sensor is too far from the control panel. If the sensor exceeds 100ft, then a malfunction may occur.
  • There is something causing Radio Frequency (RF) interference near that particular sensor or near the master control panel. Common wireless devices that cause interference are :
    • Routers, telephones, gaming controllers or doorbells
    • Large metallic objects such as refrigerators, or large screen T.V.s.
    • Plaster walls with metal fibers
    • Metal studs in your walls
    • Interior concrete walls

Common reasons that a sensor will go into “Failure” or “Malfunction” are:

  • Try relocating the sensor that is failing with another sensor that is not failing. This will tell you if it is an issue with the location of the sensor or if it is an issue with the sensor itself.
  • If the problem follows the location, try re-positioning the device higher or lower on the door or window (if a door or window sensor is failing) or higher or lower on the wall (if it is a motion or glass break that is failing).
  • If the problem follows the sensor, you will need to replace the sensor as it is defective.
 A Tamper is caused by a device that has a loose cover.

Make sure the cover is tight and snug. Then check to make sure the arrows on the sensors are lined up and there is no more than the width of a pencil between the two.

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