How do I calibrate the temperature reading on the Smart Thermostat?

Jan 19, 2020
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The temperature reading can be calibrated using the Partner Portal or MobileTech app.

To calibrate the Smart Thermostat using the Partner Portal:

  1. Log into the Partner Portal.
  2. Find the customer account.
  3. Click Equipment.
  4. Click emPower Devices.
  5. In Device Commands, click Configure Device for the thermostat to configure.
  6. Click Advanced.
  7. In Calibration Temperature, click the up arrow to raise the temperature, or click the down arrow to lower the temperature.
  8. Click Save to complete the thermostat calibration.

To calibrate the Smart Thermostat using the MobileTech app:

  1. Log into the MobileTech app.
  2. Find the customer account.
  3. Tap Equipment.
  4. In Z-Wave Devices, tap the thermostat to configure.
  5. Tap Thermostat Configuration.
  6. Tap Advanced.
  7. In Calibration Temperature, tap Add to raise the temperature, or tap Minus to lower the temperature.
  8. Tap Save to complete the thermostat calibration.

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