ADC-V723 Outdoor Camera Guide

Jan 22, 2020
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  • 1920 x 1080 pixel video resolution
  • 117° vertical and horizontal field of view
  • 40′ night vision range
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Micro SD slot (not functional at this time)
  • Operating Temperature -4° F to 122° F


Factory Default

Warning! Erases everything, camera must be re-added to and WiFi configured

Remove cover and hold WPS button 15 seconds, camera clicks and flashes red


WiFi Setup by WPS Enrollment

1. Hold WPS button for 3 seconds until front LED flashes blue


2. Press and release router WPS button or enable WPS mode in router programming


3. Wait 2 minutes for camera LED to flash then turn solid green if successful


WiFi Setup by Access Point

1. Hold WPS button for 6 seconds until front LED flashes white


2. Go to smartphone WiFi settings and find ADC-V723 (xx:xx:xx) then press CONNECT

Access_Point_01_WiFi_Smartphone.png Access_Point_02_WiFi_Connect.png Access_Point_03_WiFi_Connected.png

3. Open browser and enter http://v723install/ then press SCAN for WiFi networks

Access_Point_04_Find_Out_IP_Address.png Access_Point_05_Enter_IP_Address_in_Browser.png Access_Point_06_Connected_Press_Scan.png

4. Select WiFi network then scroll up and enter encryption then press SUBMIT then OK

Access_Point_07_Select_WiFi_Network.png Access_Point_08_Enter_Encryption.png Access_Point_09_Finished.png

5. Camera LED turns green if successful or red if failure


Add Camera using Customer Website

Note: Camera must be connected by WiFi to customer’s router

1. Login on a laptop or home computer to customer website and press VIDEO




3. Scroll to bottom of page and press ADD VIDEO DEVICE


4. Camera should be detected, enter camera name then press INSTALL


5. downloads information to camera, this may take up to 5 minutes


6. When complete press LIVE VIEW to view video


Add Camera using Smartphone App

Note: Camera must be connected to customer’s router by WiFi

1. Press top left Bars to access menu then press VIDEO then press upper right GEAR icon

ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_01.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_02.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_03.png

2. Press ADD VIDEO DEVICE then press INSTALL then enter camera name then press NEXT

ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_04.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_05.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_06.png

3. Camera may take several minutes to configure, press X at top left to exit

ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_07.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_08.png ADC-V723_Setup_by_App_09.png


  • Power cycle the camera by unplugging and plugging in power adapter
  • Move closer to WiFi router
  • If issues persist, try resetting camera to factory defaults and reinstall

LED Reference Guide

  • All Off – No power
  • Blue Blink – WPS Enrollment mode enabled
  • Blue On – Privacy Mode enabled, press and release corner privacy button
  • Red On – No local or Internet connection
  • Red Flash – Not programmed
  • Red / Green Blink – Restoring factory defaults
  • Green Blink – Local Network connection
  • Green On – Internet and connection
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