ADC-V722W Outdoor Camera WiFi and Setup

Jan 22, 2020
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Connect camera to the network router by one of two methods

 WPS WiFi Protected Setup Mode

1. Hold WPS button for 5 seconds or until LED flashes blue

2. Press and release WPS button on router or enable WPS mode in router programming

3. Wait 2 minutes, camera LED turns green if successful or red if failure


Access Point Mode

1. Hold WPS button for 6 to 7 seconds until LED flashes white

2. Go to smartphone WiFi settings, look for ALARM (xx:xx:xx) then press CONNECT

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_01_WiFi.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_02_Select_Camera_Network.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_03_Select_Camera_Network_.png

3. Open web browser and enter, camera menu appears, select language

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_04_Connected.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_05_Enter_Address.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_06_Web_Main_.png

4. Press SCAN FOR WI-FI NETWORKS, then select WiFi network

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_07_Scan_For_WiFi_Networks.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_08_Scanning_.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_09_Select_WiFi_Network.png

5. Press SECURITY KEY then enter WiFi encryption key then press SAVE then OK to exit

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_10_Select_Encryption.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_11_Enter_Encryption.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_12_Connecting.png

6. Camera LED turns green if successful or red if failure

Add Camera To Account

1. From the customer website press Video


2. Press Settings


3. Press Add Video Device


4. If camera is found press Name then enter the camera name then press INSTALL


5. sends information to camera, this may take several minutes


6. When finished press Live View to view camera image


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