About Us


We’re working to redefine the Smart Home Security Industry with people in mind.

Our company is a young, new and exciting Home Automation & Smart Home Security provider. We have partnered with the best software and hardware companies as well as Stanley Security to provide superior Smart Home Security solutions.

Our Vision


Beeyond’s mission is to provide the very best home security, home automation, and medical alert services. Every day we help hundreds of people stay connected and keep their homes and family safe.


At Beeyond, we are driven by a purpose – to keep homes and families safe. We strive to achieve this through a mindset of collaboration and innovation.

Our Values

Our brand represents what makes our company special. The Beeyond culture forms the foundation on everything we do. Including how we design and deliver our products and services, how we act and respect our clients, and how we behave and communicate with one another. Four key values are what drive us to underpin our brand:


Feel the client

We believe in always putting the client at the heart of everything we do. It matters that we care for our clients and fully understand their needs.

Do the right thing

We believe in looking after the well-being of each other. It matters to us that we always respect each other, our partners and our clients.

Think excellence

We believe in going above and beyond expectations and delivering the best quality service for our clients and each other.

Lead, together

Becoming a leader in the home security market consists of working as one team through use constant collaboration and innovation. Since the beginning, Beeyond has been built on honesty, principles and desire to give back to our community. And whatever happens, we always deliver what we promise to our clients.

136 Cities & Counting


As one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held smart security companies, we are excited to provide total life safety to you and your family. We hope you enjoy our service.


Charities We Support

Life at Beeyond

We’re only as good as our people… and we’ve got great people.

Our Brands

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Ready to turn your home into a smart home?
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