Are your premises secured? Toronto Police change alarm response policy

Jan 14, 2019


Toronto, Sept. 10, 2018 – Homeowners and businesses should review their security system set ups immediately because Toronto Police Service will now only respond to “verified alarms.”

In other words, police will not come to investigate the burglar alarm at your home or business if they do not have someone on the phone telling them they are on site and can see intruders unlawfully on the premises or have audio or video confirmation of a break-in. We’re urging those with alarm systems to | immediately review their technology and think about upgrading if they need to adjust to this new policy. If they are unsure we’ll come out and give them a free assessment and quote if needed. They may also find their insurance policies are affected by this if they equipment doesn’t provide verification.

The policy, effective immediately, was announced Sept. 10 and Toronto Police say it’s necessary to better deploy resources. Toronto Police say a review in concert with the Canadian Security Association, found 97 per cent of alarm activations in 2016 turned out to be false.

“Alarm activation is not necessarily an indicator of criminal activity,” Toronto Police said in a statement announcing the policy. Panic alarms will not be subject to the new policy.

Pushpakumar says it means that homeowners and businesses need to quickly get up to speed with the new requirements for their burglar alarms.

“Really it’s not such a draconian shift,” he says. “The best person to monitor your home or business is you, and that’s where technology comes in. Of course, we can provide monitoring for you as well and we can see immediately if there is an intruder in your home or business and confirm that to police.”

He says companies like Beeyond Security, which has been providing peace of mind to residents and businesses alike for several years, saw this change coming and have been advising clients to choose systems accordingly.

“We provide and install technology which already has the required audio/video verification capability,” he says. “We have discreet cameras and motion sensors and we can also provide medical alert systems. It’s all controlled from a smartphone app. You’re never without your smartphone so you’re never disconnected from your home or business.”

He says those with third party monitoring should look at upgrading their existing system and perhaps, replacing it, especially those with older system which require a patrolling security person to make their way to the scene to confirm an incident.

“Those patrols can take 45 minutes or more to get there and we hear everyday about the crime rate,” he says. “People want to feel secure in their home and sleep at night knowing their businesses are protected. This is not a huge investment for that kind of peace-of-mind. In fact, like all technology, security technology is getting better and better, faster and dropping in price.”

However, the time to act is now, he says, to make sure there are no gaps in their security coverage and their insurance coverage is not compromised.

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